Colin Andrews (Vocals, guitar, melodeon, anglo concertina)


 John Golightly (melodeon, chorus), Duncan Andrew (fiddle, chorus), Sonja Andrews (chorus)

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One of my own songs, inspired by my son's use of various apps on his mobile phone
THE GATEHOUSE DOOR Written by Derbyshire based singer Linda Woodroffe. I first heard this sung by the late Rob Bostock at Sidmouth Folk Week in 2014.
THE BALLAD OF SIR BEVIS I cut down a 45 verse ballad describing the deeds of Sir Bevis of Arundel into a manageable 9 verses, and put a tune to it.
ROLLO'S WALTZ/ONE FOR THE ROAD John Golightly wrote the waltz in memory of his grandson who died only a few weeks old. It is loosely based on my jig. One For The Road.
BOSHAM BELLS This beautiful song, written by Valmai Goodyear from Lewes, tells of the fate of a Viking raiding party who stole a bell from Bosham church, near Chichester.
WHEN I CAME HOME I wrote this song, as a different take on the theme of 'Seven Nights Drunk', from the woman's viewpoint.
TOMMY GET YOUR SHOES PUT ON Another gem from Linda Woodroffe. I was fortunate to meet her at Whitby Festival in 2016 where I acquired copies of her two song books. That year was the 50th anniversary of the Abefan disaster, the subject of this song. I did my teaching practice in the next village the year after the tragedy.
AUTUMN TREE A flashback to my student days at Cardiff in the mid-sixties. A 'protest' song of the era, it was written by Bob Powell, who sang at the college folk club with a group called the journeyman. I tracked him down to the Midlands, where he now lives.


Uttoxeter Swing came to me via Ray Campbell, fiddler with Priston Jubillee Morris. Winkleigh Morris use it for the Bampton dance, The Quaker. I composed the 2nd tune for another Winkleigh dance, Jean's Sleeves. Orinoco comes from Scottish fiddler Georgina Nettleton, and was originally composed as a slow air.


This song appears on an old LP by Don & Sarah Morgan. The words are by Don, who gave me permission to use them to a different tune of my own.
THE LAST BUS IS LEAVING A parody of Cyril Tawney's song, Sammy's Bar. If you live as I do in a rural area you will appreciate the sentiment.
THE STRANGER Another of my own songs. What happens when a female in distress appears at your door.
SUSIE'S JIG/BIXSTIX/DEVON MARCHES Three tunes used for dances by Winkleigh Morris. The 1st was written by Ray Campbell for the wedding of his sister, Susie. Bixstix is my tune written in honour of former Winkleigh member Hilary Bix. The Devon Marches were written by 'Owly' Dave Ramsden
AT THE END OF THE DAY A message of love, joy, hope and peace, from the pen of Linda Woodroffe.
ONLY REMEMBERED Several versions of this hymn, attributed to Bonar & Sankey, can be found and, strangely, it makes no reference to God or Heaven. It has become well-known through its use in the stage production of War Horse