Then try these little-known or original board games


(Also known as Queen's Guard or Agon)


For two players


Objective: to get one's queen in the centre surrounded by her six bodyguards

Comments: deceptively simple but quite a lot of strategy involved.

Duration of game:  About 30 minutes 


(Also known simply as Hex)


For two players


Objective: to create an unbroken chain from one side of the board to the other. Branching is allowed.

Comments: Very simple but can be very much a battle of wits with experienced players

Duration of game:  five to thirty minutes


(Also known as Hnefetafl)


For two players


Objective: Saxon win if King reaches outer edge of board. Enemy wins in King is trapped by 4 enemy soldiers

Comments: Interesting game of strategy

Duration of game: About 30 minutes


An original board game devised by Colin Andrews


2 to 4 players


Objective: Be the first to purchase four items from the shops and return home

Comments: Combination of strategy and chance dependent upon fall of the cards and dice

Duration of game: 30 to 60 minutes


An original board game devised by Colin Andrews. The game is still under development


2 to 4 players


Objective: To lay a continuous pipeline for one's utility from works to a customer

Comments: Much strategy but some element of chance.

Duration: Uncertain but probably 30 to 60 minutes

These games are available as pdf downloads of board design (as above) to adapt to whatever size you prefer, set of rules and cards (where used)  to print out. Playing tokens are not supplied - use counters, old coins, buttons, or make your own. 


I am making no charge for the the download but a donation to a charity I support would be appreciated. Please also acknowledge the source of the material. 


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