Over 40 years experience in playing  for barn dances & ceilidhs in Devon and neighbouring counties

 We welcome enquiries for bookings. There are various options to suit your budget


Size of band 

Minimum:  suitable for small folk dance club  evenings.     Squeezebox* + fiddle

Basic :         suitable for many social events and weddings.  Squeezebox*, fiddle, drums or bass

Extended:   for a fuller sound                                                Squeezebox*, fiddle, drums, bass

Full:            as featured on our CD                                        Squeezebox*, fiddle, drums, bass, guitar

Own caller or will work with other caller

*Squeezebox may be accordion or melodeon


Please ask for a quote for your function. Our fee will include travel expenses, and an gig for up to four hours, finishing no later than midnight, and with a break if booked for more than two hours. We have our own P.A.  and normally require about 30 minutes to set this up before the scheduled start time for the dancing. The caller will select dances appropriate to the occasion, taking into account age range and previous experience of folk dancing. 


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Sat 14th Oct                   Offwell Village Hall