The lively folk dance band from Winkleigh Morris

Variable number of musicians to suit the occasion and budget

Will include fiddle and squeezebox - and caller if required

We have our own P.A. system

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Little known and original board games. Available for free download to make up to your own specifications.  Set of rules included.


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Many played by Home Brew Band or Winkleigh Morris

I'm happy for anyone to use these tunes but acknowledgement of source would be appreciated.

All tunes copyright C. Andrews






Cabbage Patch Capers 48 bar jig Yes
Cat Amongst The Pigeons 48 bar jig Yes
Morchard Messenger 40/48 bar jig Yes
Slippery Eel 38 bar jig Yes
One For The Road 32 bar jig Yes Yes
Tipsy Mariner/Marinade 24 bar slip jig Yes
Iris In Full Bloom 32 bar jig Yes Yes
Princetown 32 bar reel Yes
Madcaptains 32 bar reel Yes
Torre Abbey 32 bar reel Yes
Hol'combe Weir 32 bar reel/hornpipe Yes Yes Yes
Froghopper 32 bar  reel/hornpipe Yes Yes Yes
Below The Belt 32 bar reel/hornpipe Yes
The Multiplier 32 bar reel Yes
Bixstix 32 bar reel Yes Yes Yes
Jean's Sleeves 24/32 bar reel Yes Yes Yes
Anne's Well 16 bar reel/polka Yes Yes Yes
All Ploughed Up 32 bar reel Yes
Scarborough Reel 32 bar reel Yes
Parsnip Polka 32  bar polka Yes
Tickle The Turmuts 32 bar polka Yes
Honeypots 32 bar polka Yes
Colin's Waltz 32 bar waltz Yes

The Franken's Nights Legend

Strange happenings in Devon in the middle of May 

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