The Inland Haven CD is a recording of most of the songs and music included in the production in 2022 and 2023 of the same name which presented in narration and song an account of the maritime history of Exeter.  (NB The 47 Ginger Headed Sailors song is not included on the CD). 


£8.00 + £2 p&p


The Custom House Crew are:

                                 Jerry Alleguin                   vocals, guitar, bass guitar

                                 Colin Andrews                  vocals, guitar, melodeon, concertina, whistle

                                 Kat Barlow                        vocals

                                Jon Bell                             Director, narrator, vocals

                                Paul Cherrett                    fiddle, mandolin

                                Larry Fishleigh                 slide projector operator

                                Pat Fishleigh                    mandolin

                               James Goodwin                vocals, guitar, concertina, banjo, mandola

                               Julie Matthews                  vocals, narrator

                               Annie McGee                     vocals

                               Alan Rosevear                   vocals