Proposed active repertoire  (bold)     Occasional dances  (normal)        Rested/not ready (Italics)

For the last 2 years our active repertoire has been much reduced by the need to comply with various Covid restrictions. Those in BOLD type are likely to be in 2022-23 programme

        Cotswold style             Click underlined dances for notation           Border style               

Tunes: click  abc  for notation available in this format       Rec  click to hear recording of tune

Adderbury Postman's Knock LS 6,8 abc Winkleigh Anne's Well LS 4 abc Rec
Adderbury Princess Royal H 6.8   Winkleigh Bluebell Polka 2SS 5 abc Rec
Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Bonny So Blue SS 6 abc Rec
Badby Balance The Straws LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Clover., The H 9 abc Rec
Badby Bean Setting LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Hol'combe Weir H 6+ abc Rec
Badby Innocent Hare LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Froghopper LS 6 abc Rec
Badby Jockey To The Fair LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Hedgehog, The H 6 abc Rec
Badby Maid & The Miller H 6   Winkleigh Morning Star LS 6 abc Rec
Bidford Bixstix SS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh King's Arms LS 6 abc Rec
Bidford Constant Billy Boy HC 6 Rec Winkleigh King Billy 2LS 6  
Bidford Old Woman Tossed Up H 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Old Woman Of Winkleigh H 6





(Uttoxeter Swing)

H 6,8 abc Rec Winkleigh Jockey To The Pharoah H 6 abc Rec

Furze Field


H 4,6 abc Rec Winkleigh Seven Stars LS 4 abc Rec
Bampton Myrtle Tree H 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Speed The Plough SS 6 abc Rec
Bampton Rigs Of Doom H 6,8,10 abc, Rec Winkleigh Shirebrook SS 6 abc Rec
Field Town Nutting Girl H 1 abc Winkleigh Susie's Jig H 5 abc Rec
Hinton Jean's Sleeves SS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Ty Coch Caerdydd SS 6 abc Rec
Hinton Lads A Bunchum H 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Thump At The Sun SS 8 abc Rec
Horsham Old Dan Roberts H 8 abc Rec Brimfield Brimfield SS 8 abc 
Ilmington Lively Jig H,SS 4 abc Rec unspecified Clifton Silsbury LS 6 abc Rec
Lichfield Jenny Lind LS,SS 8 abc Rec Steeple Claydon Old Mother Oxford SS 6 Rec
Lichfield Ploughboy 2SS 8 abc Grimspound Tinner's Rabbits LS 3 abc 
Lichfield Ring Of Bells 2LS 8 abc Rec Chingford Upton on Severn Stick Dance LS 6 abc Rec
Lichfield Vandals of Hammerwich LS 8 abc Rec Upton Snodsbury Upton Snodsbury Stick Dance LS 3,9 abc Rec
Oddington Old Frog Jig H 1 abc Winkleigh All Ploughed Up LS 6 abc Rec
Stanton Harcourt Greensleeves LS 6 abc Rec Winkleigh Mr Brolly   Brolly 6 Rec
Stanton Harcourt Princess Royal H 3 Rec Border Fanny Frail ss 6+  
Stanton Harcourt Nutting Girl LS 6 abc Rec Unspecified Rapper Sword Dance rappers 5