3rd Edition

Original & adapted Border & Cotswold Morris from the Foreman of Winkleigh Morris. A4 comb-bound format. Full instructions and music. Also, a mummer's play based on the local Franken's Night legend.

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Name Trad. base Hands Set Notes
Maid & The Miller Babdy H 6 A fighting corner dance
Foggy Dew Badby H 6 Structure similar to Gallant Hussar Bledington
Innocent Hare Badby LS 6 Winkleigh variation of Skirmish
Balance The Straws Badby LS 6 Stick chucking
Jockey To The Fair Badby LS 6 Based on Bledington Black Joker
Furze Field Bampton H 6 Winkleigh adaptation
Myrtle Tree Bampton H 6 Winkleigh adaptation
Lively Jig Ilmington H + SS 4 Winkleigh adaptation of unusual Ilmington dance
Dancing Days Lichfield H 8 Dance to John Conolly's song of same name
Constant Billy Boy Stanton Harcourt HC 6 Handclapping to variant of Constant Billy tune
Nutting Girl Stanton Harcourt LS 6 Winkleigh devised to traditional figures
Princess Royal Stanton Harcourt H 3 3 person jig
Old Mother Oxford Steeple Claydon SS 6 Adapted by Winkleigh, Border style
Saturday Night Bucknell H 8+ Multiples of 4 in diamond formation
Upton Snodsbury Upton Snodsbury SS 3,9 Winkleigh adaptation
Anne's Well Winkleigh LS 4,8 Border style. Extra figure if 2 parallel sets
Ploughboy Processional Winkleigh 2SS 8 Adapted from earluer Winkleigh dance
Shirebrook Winkleigh SS 6 Affnities to Upton on Severn
Ty Coch Caerdydd Winkleigh SS 6 Original Winkleigh
Bonny So Blue Winkleigh SS 6 Original WInkeigh, same figures as Ty Coch
Hol'combe Weir Winjkleigh H 6+ Processional dance, some figures like Ty Coch
Bluebell Polka Winkleigh 2SS 5 Original Winkleigh
Speed The Plough Winkleigh SS 6 Border style original Winkleigh
Jolly Roger Winkleigh LS 4,6 Border style original Winkleigh
Morning Star Winkleigh LS 6 Developed from wokshop at Sidmouth
Froghopper Winkleigh LS 6 Border style, original Winkleigh
Old Woman Of Winkleigh Winkleigh H 6 Cotswold style, original Winkleigh
Kings Arms Winkleigh LS 6 Corner shooting dance, figures as for Old Woman


More original and adapted Cotswold & Border style dances from the Foreman of Winkleigh Morris. Full instructions and music.


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Name Trad. base Hands Set Notes
BIXSTIX Bidford SS 6 Composed in memory of former dancer, Hilary Bix
CONSTANT BILLY BOY Bidford HC 6 Originally devised in Stanton Harcourt tradition
JEAN'S SLEEVES Hinton SS 6 Composed for former member, Jean Bush
JOCKEY TO THE PHAROAH Hinton H 6 Adapted from Brackley Jockey To The Fair
PLOUGHBOY Lichfield 2SS 8 Eveloved from Ploughboy Processional
SUSIE GO LIGHTLY (SUSIE'S JIG) Bampton H 5 Devised for wedding of Susie Campbell to John Golightly
THE HEDGEHOG Winkleigh H 6 Original Winkleigh, with unusual figures
THE CLOVER Winkleigh H 9 Clover leaf formation to Welsh tune, Mellionen
DEVON MARCHES Winkleigh H 6+ Porcessional, to tunes by Owly Dave Ramsden
KING BILLY Winkleigh 2LS 6 Adapted from Constant Billy, Ilmington
CLIFTON SILSBURY Unknown LS 6 Adapted from dance performed by Great Yorkshire MM
SEVEN STARS Winkleigh LS 4 Named after one of the pubs in Winkleigh
THUMP AT THE SUN Winkleigh SS 8 Devised to variant of Jump At The Sun tune
MR BROLLY Winkleigh umbrella 6 Winkleigh's rain dance
ALL PLOUGHED UP Winkleigh LS 6 Devised to minor key variation of Speed The Plough tune

 Some of these dances are still being developed and have not yet been danced out in public